When you commission me to create your custom piece I want you be comforted that I'm very customer oriented. Making custom pieces can be a difficult process but I assure you I will be with you the entire way through the process.

If you are doing one of the classes you will get the same level of dedication to you or your group so you have a fabulous time.

Long story made short.... Always wanted to be a woodworker but the industry was not a growth market so I went to College and lived the corporate life for a long time. During this time I continued to build for family and friends and never lost my passion for creating and teaching all things wood. Five years ago I decided to do what I truly loved doing and I hope you are a part of the journey.

Opening up the shop to to our two unique classes has been amazing. The enjoyment our guests get from creating special and meaningful pieces really solidifies how rewarding being a custom woodworker has been.